Monday, 23 November 2009

Academic Year Planner

Education Wall Planner
Warwickshire Wildlife Trust

August 2009

This is an A2 sized academic year calendar which the Trust produces each year for use in local schools. The calendar grid, it’s detail and illustration are original and change annually. The layout; strap line, logo and lead spot colour follows the national Wildlife Trusts corporate identity guidelines.

The illustrated scene shows a variety of wildlife and habitat. On a personal note, I wanted to feature the 7- spot ladybird in particular, which takes centre stage. This was because this time last year, I noticed in my garden, a large number of ladybirds I didn’t recognize and a distinct lack of those I did!

I sent photographs and records off to The UK Ladybird Survey, who indeed identified the alien species as Harmonia axyridis or Harlequin ladybird, the most invasive ladybird on Earth.

The predatory Harlequin feeds on our native species and has steadily populated Britain from the southwest since 2004.

Fortunately, this year my lovely aphid-eating friends have returned to the garden but annual maps from the survey show an astounding trend.

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