Monday, 23 November 2009

Sustrans NCN Route 41

National Cycle Network Route 41
April 2009

A series of three interpretation boards installed along the disused Leamington to Rugby railway line, at Draycote, Birdingbury and Long Itchington.

The main feature of each board is a comprehensive, yet simple map that orientates the viewer to their position within the whole route. Additional information details both the historic and wildlife interest of each location which describes the changing landscape at various points in time.

At Birdingbury, some 250 million years ago, you look out on a landscape dominated by tree-like ferns and stand upon lower lias clays and limestones formed a little later in the Jurassic period. Then, between the early 1800’s and the late 1960’s, a thriving railway system serving both commercial and industrial transport, thunders through.

And today, remnants can still be seen, such as the old railway station house and two descendant species of fern growing on the platform walls.

The path was opened in 2004 and now forms part of a network of over 12,000 miles of traffic-free routes throughout the UK.

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