Wednesday, 26 March 2014

St Mary's Land's, Warwick

Client: Warwick District Council

Walk out onto this large area of open land with its distant tree lined horizon stretching northward, and enjoy the sense of space. 

It’s ecological and historic interest are initially understated. Grassland wildlife maintain species from medieval agriculture into present day. Over the past 300 years, how many thousands of horses have raced around its perimeter, and continue to course by Victorian pleasure gardens and summer houses. This was once the towns common and despite such rights ceasing in the late 1940’s, public foot paths ensure continued access. In 1997, Warwick District Council began to develop an integrated strategy to balance the interests of the local community and a variety of private bodies and stakeholders, no mean feat. St. Mary’s Land’s is a significant landscape, ensuring the conservation of our cultural and environmental heritage. 

N.B. Always a good idea to check when there's a race on, especially if you'll be walking dogs. Go to 


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