Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Lias Line NCN Route 41

National Cycle Network Route 41
Lias Line, Draycote
OS Grid ref: SP 443700
January 2011

Warwickshire Butterfly Conservation have initiated the Small Blue Butterfly Project, targeting one of the last remaining populations of the Red Listed Small Blue, at Southam Quarry.

With its proximity to this part of the Lias Line greenway on Route 41, both organisations are working in partnership to enhance the habitat and hopefully extend the range of the UK smallest butterfly. Such specific management will not only encourage other threatened butterfly species such as Grizzled and Dingy skippers, but also a wider variety of wildlife to the area.

Working with Sustrans Ecologist, Hannah Roberts and Mike Slater from Warwickshire Butterfly Conservation, we are designing a series of interpretation boards along the route.

To find out more about The Small Blue Butterfly Project and Sustrans National Cycle Network follow these links:



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  1. What a fab and important project, good luck with it.Sara